West Dallas Community School

WDCS Graduate Spotlight 2016: What WDCS Means To Me

As the school year draws to a close, we’re learning where this year’s Class 8 students will attend high school. While we are sad to see them go, we look forward to this new adventure that lies ahead of them and their families!

Class 8 student Wakjira Gerbaba has attended WDCS since 2009, entering as a Class 2 student. It has truly been a joy to have Wakjira and his parents, Getachew Ejetta and Debritu Fekyibelu, as part of the WDCS family. Wakjira’s family is representative of the many Ethiopian immigrant families that live in the West Dallas Community and attend WDCS.

This week we asked Wakjira and his father about their WDCS experience and what it has meant to each of them over the past 7 years.

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WDCS: Why did you choose to send Wakjira to West Dallas Community School?
Mr. Ejetta: I sent Wakjira to this school because we were looking for a Christian school that will provide a good education and that would prepare him to do well in high school and college. Wakjira’s previous school was a Christian school, but it did not offer what we wanted. When we heard about WDCS we knew that this would be the perfect school so we applied. When Wakjira got accepted in the second grade we knew that God had great plans for him to succeed.

WDCS: In what ways has WDCS been helpful to you and your family?
Mr. Ejetta: West Dallas has been helpful to us in many ways. The teachers would do anything to help Wakjira do his best. They were always willing to set up tutoring times when it was needed. The staff has always been supportive and willing to help. We are so blessed to have Mrs. Howard and Mrs. Mayne help us with finding a high school. They have done so much for us, and I thank the Lord for it.

WDCS: What advice would you give to parents considering sending their child to WDCS?
Mr. Ejetta: I would recommend this school to anyone who would value their children growing up in a Christian community that also provides a great education and will fully equip their child to be able to do their best in high school and college.

WDCS: What is your favorite memory of WDCS?
Wakjira: One thing I will miss about West Dallas is how devoted the staff and teachers were to getting the students to do their best.

WDCS: What’s been the most challenging part of being a student at WDCS?
Wakjira: The most challenging part of being a student here is the homework. The teachers here at WDCS will make sure that you will be putting in maximum effort so that you will be constantly learning new things.

WDCS: Do you think WDCS has prepared you for high school?
Wakjira: Yes, because I have learned many useful habits like how to study, how to manage your time well, and how to be productive. I know these habits will help me get my work done well in high school.

WDCS: What do you look forward to the most about attending Thomas Jefferson Collegiate Academy?
Wakjira: One thing that I am looking forward to at TJ Collegiate Academy is the ability to learn at college as well as to learn hands on in the 11th and 12th grades.

This year’s class will go on to attend high schools such as The Cambridge School of Dallas, The Covenant School, Bishop Dunne, and Pinkston Collegiate Academy. Beyond the academics and opportunities these high schools afford, we hope and pray that the Truth planted in them during their time at WDCS will grow and mature into a faith that cannot be shaken and will impact the world for His kingdom and His glory.