West Dallas Community School

Shepherd Activities

There are several Shepherding Events that Shepherds and their students can participate in:Mav's Game

  1. Shepherd Saturdays – one Saturday a month, West Dallas Community School offers an opportunity for Shepherds and their students to come to the school and have fun together.
    This includes:

    • Baking cookies for the teachers
    • Christmas Caroling in a local nursing home
    • Play times
    • Clean up days
    • And more! (see volunteer calendar for specific dates and activities)
  2. Fall Fair hosted by the Young Professionals at West Dallas Community School is a fun carnival for shepherds to get together with their student and their family at the WDCS playground in November
  3. Spring Picnic hosted by the Young Professionals at West Dallas Community School allows shepherds to be with their students family over lunch on a Saturday in May
  4. Hang Out Outside of School – Shepherds can take their students to hang out with other shepherds as long as there are two adults and two children

Restaurants in West Dallas

  1. Chicken Scratch (2303 Pittman Street)
  2. Off-site Kitchen (2226 Irving Blvd)
  3. Mama’s Daughters (2014 Irving Blvd)
  4. Subway (2231 Singleton Blvd)

Activities Close to West Dallas:

  1. Go Fishing! Fishtrap Lake is on Singleton and Hampton (about 1 miles away)
  2. Kylde Warren Park – take a free trolley from Uptown. it will drop you right near the park – children’s park, reading and game courtyard, food trucks and MORE!
  3. Dallas Museum of Art – is now FREE!