West Dallas Community School

Curriculum & Philosophy


Character Training

We place a great deal of emphasis upon developing each child’s character and the formation of good habits that will be beneficial throughout life, not only in academic pursuits but also in any of life’s endeavors.

Mathematics and Science

We offer students a mathematics and science program that enables them to participate knowledgeably in the scientific and technological discussions of the modern world. From the early grades, the mathematics curriculum encourages mastery of concepts and skills that form the foundation for advanced study and emphasize the real-life application of what is learned. The science curriculum makes use of a hands-on approach that enables the students to acquire a solid understanding of the world in which they live through a direct encounter with the wonders and laws of God’s creation.

Language Arts and History

We offer students a rich humanities, arts, and social studies curriculum that integrates the study of literature and the arts with the study of history and geography. Students come to understand the present and gain perspective on the future through knowledge of the past. They are warned of evil and error and challenged to live virtuously and nobly through the example of those who have gone before. They learn to think critically and biblically by evaluating the writings of outstanding thinkers of the past and present. They are encouraged to express themselves creatively through exposure to literature and art. Emphasis is placed upon:

  • Phonics reading program
  • Grammar and spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • History and geography
  • Writing to persuade, inform, describe, narrate, and report
  • Classical literature


Additional Studies

In addition to the core subjects described above, the students receive instruction in the following subject matter:

  • Music
  • Art
  • Physical Education
  • Girls and Boys Athletics
  • Nature Studies
  • Latin
  • Health
  • Government


West Dallas Community School’s educational philosophy and standard of academic excellence sets it apart from other schools. We offer an education that is both classical and Christian: classical in that it draws deeply on the rich heritage of Western civilization and culture and Christian in that it recognizes the Bible as the final authority in matters of life and thought. Students are encouraged to develop a worldview that integrates Christian faith into all areas of learning.


West Dallas Community School functions as a nurturing community in which students are respected as unique individuals created in the image of God, each having special abilities and needs. Children are taught by skilled and knowledgeable teachers who love students and are dedicated to helping them realize their highest potential-spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially, and creatively. Classes are small so that each student will receive individual attention and have abundant opportunities to participate and lead.


We take an active interest in the development of our students’ intellectual, spiritual, moral, and physical habits in the belief that early development of a disciplined lifestyle in the context of a relationship with Jesus Christ will provide a solid foundation for a responsible and joyful life.