West Dallas Community School


Photo of Ashley Anderson
Ashley Anderson Class 2B
aanderson@wdcschool.org 214.634.1927 x124
Photo of Tara Anderson
Tara Anderson Explorer Assistant
tanderson@wdcschool.org 214.634.1927 x130
Photo of Sarah Barnett
Sarah Barnett Classes 7 & 8 Math
sbarnett@wdcschool.org 214.634.1927 x118
Photo of Marlow Blake
Marlow Blake Class 4B
mblake@wdcschool.org 214.634.1927 x135
Photo of Kristen Carr
Kristen Carr Explorer IIA
kcarr@wdcschool.org 214.634.1927 x122
Photo of Caitlin Curry
Caitlin Curry Class 6 Math & Science
ccurry@wdcschool.org 214-634-1927 x155
Photo of Christina Dandar
Christina Dandar Class 3B
cdandar@wdcschool.org 214.634.1927 x132
Photo of Angela Elledge
Angela Elledge Art II
aelledge@wdcschool.org 214.634.1927 x144
Photo of Margaret Fuller
Margaret Fuller Class 5A
mfuller@wdcschool.org 214.634.1927 x136
Photo Coming Soon
Preston Fuller PE Assistant
pfuller@wdcschool.org 214.634.1927 x139
Photo of Pat Gordon
Pat Gordon Class 8 Humanities
pgordon@wdcschool.org 214-634-1927 x142
Photo of Holly Hendricks
Holly Hendricks Class 5B
hhendricks@wdcschool.org 214.634.1927 x140
Photo of David Hollingsworth
David Hollingsworth Latin
dhollingsworth@wdcschool.org 214-634-1927 x119
Photo of Tinsley Johnson
Tinsley Johnson Class 2A
tjohnson@wdcschool.org 214.634.1927 x131
Photo of Amber Kelley
Amber Kelley Class 4A
akelley@wdcschool.org 214.634.1927 x134
Photo of Molly Kyser
Molly Kyser Explorer IB
mkyser@wdcschool.org 214.634.1927 x111
Photo of Maryann McGinnis
Maryann McGinnis Classes 7 & 8 Science
mmcginnis@wdcschool.org 214.634.1927 x138
Photo of Drew Morrill
Drew Morrill Class 7 Humanities
dmorrill@wdcschool.org 214.634.1927 x141
Photo of Martin Phillips
Martin Phillips Class 6 Humanities
mphillips@wdcschool.org 214.634.1927 x150
Photo of Morgan Potts
Morgan Potts Art I
mpotts@wdcschool.org 214.634.1927 x145
Photo of Diana Reagan
Diana Reagan Nature Studies
dreagan@wdcschool.org 214.634.1927 x143
Photo of Brittany Sears
Brittany Sears Explorer IA
bsears@wdcschool.org 214.634.1927 x127
Photo of Juliana Snowden
Juliana Snowden Explorer IC
jsnowden@wdcschool.org 214.634.1927 x123
Photo of Callie Stokeld
Callie Stokeld Explorer IIA
cstokeld@wdcschool.org 214.634.1927 x133
Photo of Chandler Storer
Chandler Storer Class 3A
cstorer@wdcschool.org 214.634.1927 x125
Photo of Rachel Thrash
Rachel Thrash Music II
rthrash@wdcschool.org 214-634-1927 x137
Photo of Mary Elise Torp-Pedersen
Mary Elise Torp-Pedersen Class 1B
mtorp@wdcschool.org 214.634.1927 x121
Photo Coming Soon
Ellie Troyer Physical Education / Girls Athletics
etroyer@wdcschool.org 214.634.1927 x147
Photo of Nekayla Washington
Nekayla Washington Explorer IIB
nwashington@wdcschool.org 214.634.1927 x126
Photo of Mary Ellen Wells
Mary Ellen Wells Music II
mwells@wdcschool.org 214.634.1927 x146
Photo of Lisa Williams
Lisa Williams Class 1A
lwilliams@wdcschool.org 214.634.1927 x129
Photo of Marcus Wilson
Marcus Wilson Physical Education
mwilson@wdcschool.org 214.634.1927 x113